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"I am a 13 year ARRT practicing member and recently had the opportunity to take a position in PET/CT. In order to stay compliant I was required to become eligible to sit for the PET. This course is designed to prepare technologists for performing the daily operations of combined PET/CT imaging. The program includes classroom instruction on physics. In addition to the well established 2 ½ day course, held three times a year, a flexible certification program in clinical PET-CT competence is set up. Preceptorships - There are many PET and PET•CT training courses offered by clinical institutions in the United States. Both physicians and technologists can benefit from attending. Framing the Issues • Everyone has an opinion •This technology is evolving faster than cankeep up •Driven by industry and legislation not by professional associations. ROS can help you put together your next PET or PET/CT project. We provide system refurbishment, installations, warranty, training, site planning and financing. PET-CT in Oncology Imaging EANM Marie-Curie Training Project Report M U Khan Introduction: Positron emission tomography (PET) combined with computed tomography (CT) is the combination of.





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