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Easter recipe for TEENren. Chocolate nest with Easter eggs cute Easter table decoration and dessert. Agent R 8 Jun 01. This clay eggshell is just the thing for storing coins, trinkets, or tiny keepsakes. 12 oz. butterscotch chips 1/2 c. peanut butter 1 c. Spanish peanuts 5 oz. Chinese noodles Melt butterscotch chips, add peanut butter and blend. Add peanuts and Chinese noodles and. Easter Egg Nest Cupcakes Recipe. Toasting the coconut that forms the nests adds a natural straw color as well as a pleasant crunch and nutty flavor to these whimsical cupcakes. A recipe for Easter Nest Treats containing butterscotch chips peanut butter Spanish peanuts Chinese noodles. Decorating for Easter Pussy Willow Nest. This time of year, birds instinctively put the materials at hand to good use. Here, the downy, gray catkins of pussy willow branches soften a.





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