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Our Stores. Step into a Starbucks coffee shop, and you immediately know that you’re in a special place. Come for great coffee, or just to relax and have a think. Spotlighting one of the biggest coffee house chains in the world, the Starbucks Coffee Company. Starbucks shops are all over the globe and rank among the best coffee shops around. Soon after Penny Stafford opened her Bellevue, Wash. coffee shop, green-apron-wearing baristas bearing fully loaded trays of Starbucks samples began offering their goods near her. Starbucks will open its first Bulgarian coffee shop at the beginning of November 2008 in Sofia, a media statement said on October 21 2008. The chain will enter the country. they wouldn't prosper, so it's fair to say the populace as a whole are fond of their daily coffee. You don't have to walk far these days before you find a Starbucks coffee shop. Buying coffee is not as easy today as it once used to be. When was the last time you walked into your local corner bakery and ordered “a cup of coffee, please”?





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