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CHURCH CANDY (HARD TACK) Bring to hard crack boil on thermometer. Have a heavy pan or platter well greased. In a tablespoon put 3/4 teaspoon of favorite flavored oil and 1/4. @sharper--Hard tack (not the biscuit for sailors, but a hard sugar candy) Is that by chance "Rock candy" (as I know it) corn syrup, sugar, food coloring, and different flavour. Swedish fish, cherry lifesavers, ring pops, ice cream cones, chewing gum, twizzlers, pop tarts, hard tack candy, jolly ranchers, candy cigarettes, fettuccine noodles. Fruity Hard Tack Candy 1/2 lb. in bag . . . . . . . . $3.00 1 lb. in bag . . . . . . . . $5.75 ***Cups will look like ones from Valentine's day, but in different colors.





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