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Golden Flake Snack Foods snack - one of 1096 bags of potato chips, 29 dill chips and 37 pickle chips reviewed by our snackers. Golden Flake, a Birmingham and snack time institution, spent 18 months developing the innovative NRG Phoenix Fury Potato Chip. After all that hard work, they came to Kinetic to. Magician and food junkie Penn Jillette stacks up the 10 best potato chips you’ve never. Golden Flake Golden Flake has a really nice, no-TEENding Hot Thin & Crispy chip. The energy chips come from Golden Flake – a company that already has a range of snacks. ingredients listings. They should be required by law to list what is in these potato chips. Golden Flake Snack Foods. Gold’n Krisp Potato Chips. Grippo Potato Chip. Good Health Natural Products. Hartley's Potato Chips. Herrs Potato Chips.





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