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MySpace profile for Barley with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more. The Little Bitty Barley House the 90's ( Trouser Gallery, Those Who Dig and Little Bitty Power House). The weekend in Dallas. Being in the heart of downtown, Barley House is able to open its front garage doors and give. Dallas; Jacksonville; Philadelphia; Tucson; Delaware; Jersey Shore; Phoenix; Twin Cities. The Barley House 2916 N. Henderson Dallas, TX 214-824-0306 Bar of Soap punk, 21+ 3615 Parry Ave. 214-823-6617 Bath House Cultural Center 521 E Lawther Dr. FrontBurner (Dallas' best blog) SideDish ; FrontRow ; DallasDirt (Real Estate). Barley House 03.13 Charles Atwater, Jay Juarbe, Michael Calk, Archer Bachman, and Katie.





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