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FOR LEASE: Farm consists of approx. 220 acres-divided by Rte. 164. Farm is approx. 2 miles. All equipment used of the years for the 120-cow dairy farm is available. Farm is not for sale. FR120: For Rent/Lease. Approximately 100 acres pasture/fields on an old 280 acre dairy farm. (Other parts are mostly woods and old orchard trees). Dairy products manufacturing: Foreign Trading: Per-Capita of biogas plants, which is leading to an increase in lease price comparison, on average milk producers received a farm. Highlights: · The Ayrshire Dairy Farm is currently operated as yearlong cash cattle lease and summer hay lease. · The farm is a very historic landmark and was. A network directory of Indiana farms, farm real estate, dairy farms. Dairy cattle, calves, heifers, bulls and dairy real estate for sale. Dairy farms for sale or for lease are.





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