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There are many types of hot peppers used in ethnic Mexican recipes. Whether fresh, dried or frozen, chili peppers are the most popular ingredient. The pictures in the catalog illustrate the type of vegetable only and not the particular variety. All information is subject to the market requirements and local conditions. Types of Peppers There are as many pepper types as can grow wild and thrive wild in different parts of the world. Here's an. Pimenta de cheiro is used whole in a small number of casserole/stew type dishes. I picked these up at the local farmer's market; they were called "Hungarian Hot Wax" peppers. A blistering hot pepper lantern type fruit with a tapered end. These peppers turn a brilliant red upon maturity and grow in abundance on 3-1/2 foot tall plants. Hot. Cool, cloudy weather makes peppers less hot. The biggest difference, however, is due to variety. Light: Sun Plant Type: Vegetable Plant Height: Many Americans associate hot peppers with Mexico. Some further equate Mexican hot peppers to the ever popular jalapeno. We raise several types of peppers that originated in.





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