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Welcome to MillCreek Soy Wax Candle Supply, where you will find everything you need for a complete listing of scents. MillCreek's All Natural Pillar/Votive Wax Our natural soy candles are made using lead-free wicks, soy bean wax, high quality fragrance, and quality color dyes. In fact, we are considered to be one of the best soy candle. We specialize in a variety of natural soy candle products. Here you can find unscented and scented soy candles in a assortment of soy containers. << BACK TO WAXES CLOSE WINDOW BROWSE PRODUCTS >> Renewable / Natural Candle Wax 100% Soy Wax Soy 120 & Soy 125 are made with, 100% natural soybeans.





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